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Our Support Model

Humble Monkey is unlike any other IT support company. For one thing, we don’t force you through layers of support techs unfamiliar with your organization. Our goal is to get to know your people, technologies, and processes.

In order to accomplish this, we assign a small & agile team to support each client. Every client is assigned a primary and secondary engineer who help build close relationships with our clients. They become part of the client’s family, and clients become a part of ours. Our engineers are not sitting in a call center miles away; they are on-site at client offices every day, providing easy accessibility and quick coverage no matter what the situation.

Our service managers also build familiarity with clients by making on-site visits and conducting service reviews on a regular basis.

Our clients’ ongoing success is important to us and we like to keep ourselves up-to-date on happenings within your organizations and areas of business.