Public Relations & Communications

PR, Communication and Media firms tend to have mixed-technology environments, with users having a combination of devices. They tend to switch between computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones in a way that is convenient to their busy schedules, and there is always the issue of Mac versus Windows and iPhone versus Android. Managing and troubleshooting such a wide variety of devices within one firm can be a nightmare.

There are issues of compatibility when it comes to file sharing and management, and often IT teams tend to be stronger in one form of technology than others. These problems can make it challenging for organizations to get the IT support that they need. In such a fast-paced industry there is simply no time to be waiting around for technology problems to be resolved.

Security of data is also a key concern, especially in these days of BYOD and schedules consumed with heavy travel. What’s the right solution to enable your team yet still provide security in a ubiquitous manner? Do you use Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Egnyte or any of the other myriad of new tools? Which is more secure ?

At Humble Monkey, our Engineers have years of experience in implementing and supporting mixed environments. As a result, we know the tools and have the skillset required to bridge the gap of these environments and make them co-exist peacefully and efficiently.

We’re aware that media organizations tend to have a lot of data and storage requirements. When technology fails and files disappear it can have a significant impact on your business and your clients. We have a range of solutions to help organize and secure this information, giving your clients confidence and your senior management complete peace of mind.