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Our Client Industries

Since our beginning in 1996, Humble Monkey has provided quality IT consulting services to clients in a broad variety of businesses. Technology provides the backbone for any company. IT provides the foundation for your staff to do their jobs. Operations for firms of all sizes, whether there are 5 employees or 200 employees, have the same basic requirements – effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s important that your technology strategy is cost effective and has legs for the long term. It also has to provide stability in order to be effective. At the end of the day it is unimportant whether your firm is an active hedge fund, wealth management or a non-profit, core technology is a common feature. With the advent of increased cyber risks, any differences becomes even less significant as the downside impact is very real for any industry. Common technologies apply even when the operating tempo or focus for each business might be different.

We are your technologists and trusted advisors because of the breadth of our experience over the last 19 years, as well as our own individual experience in various industries.

While a majority of our clients were originally focused in the financial services industry, over the years Humble Monkey has expanded into Real Estate, Non-Profit and a variety of other dissimilar industries. Humble Monkey leverages the common elements of a technology infrastructure so that the final product and support package represent your unique focus and business perspective.