Disaster Recovery

Getting locked out of your business’ network can put a halt to daily operations, and in New York City’s fast-paced business world, there are not enough hours in the day to spare. Having the right disaster recovery plan is a key strategic value and using Humble Monkey’s business continuity service is a great way to make sure you have options in the face of any disaster.


Our Business Continuity Service (BCS) will give you total control over all of your company’s data assets, allowing everything to run smoothly even in the most dire of circumstances. The BCS is easy to use and accessible through any web browser, allowing you to take control anytime, anywhere. The virtual environment we create provides direct disaster recovery service to you when you need it most. The newest asynchronous replication softwares like DoubleTake, Veeam,  and Zerto, allow us to keep up-to-the-minute copies of your data safe and sound on our servers. Straight from your office to our data center, all of your applications and vital data are encrypted for maximum security. We watch over your assets to ensure they are completely safe and ready to go when you need them. We also replicate Active Directory (AD) information between sites so that logins are consistent and one less hassle in a disaster.


The reason why so many companies choose to rely on disaster recovery services for their systems is because they know the value of their information. Think of it as an insurance policy on your virtual assets. Humble Monkey’s disaster recovery program is specifically designed to cut your losses in the case of unavoidable problems.

The best thing is you’ll have full utility of all your mission-critical applications, meaning you will barely be able to tell the difference from in-house servers. Our business is to guarantee secure, reliable service, which is why we promise to keep all of your data and applications ready at a moment’s notice.


The question is: When is the last time you tested your Disaster Recovery? The key is training your staff so that they have a level of familiarity now – before you actually need it. It’s also important to test failover and failback operationally. Documentation if you are an SEC- or FINRA-regulated entity is an absolute must. Details matter. Don’t stand there wondering whether all of your company’s core assets are ready and disaster-prepared for all of the situations you may face.