Cyber Security Audits

With the SEC prioritizing Cyber Security and thorough IT Governance and Planning, we have arrived at the point where it is simply prudent and good business to understand and mitigate risk. The Humble Monkey team has been steadily working towards additional recommendations and processes to improve operations management at our clients.

On the surface, the SEC is pressing security issues with the goal of further securing your environment through a range of actions. These include documenting and classifying data, due diligence with regards to vendors, and creating internal policies, as well as procedures that clearly define actions in the face of crisis. In reality, the requirements are designed to push businesses to not only take control of their environments, but to show how control is being asserted. Security, procedures, and documentation can no longer be passive business functions.

We realize that each firm is captive to such requirements, and it is our desire to provide our clients the means to accomplish this goal in the most cost-effective manner possible.

It’s time to actively manage these changes. Our goal is to help you best align your firm with industry best practices that are appropriate for your size and scope. Cost structure is always presented in the most specific manner possible with the aim of encouraging a balance of actions.

It’s time for action !

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