Alerts & Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring is crucial in minimizing downtime and keeping your business running as smoothly as possible. One significant attribute that many firms lose sight of is reporting and analytics. Over the long term trends are important. With respect to Cyber Security and the SEC’s and FINRA’s ever-evolving policies, these metrics are key touchpoints in measuring your business.

We actively monitor key network and server functions to ensure peak performance and notification via our automated support ticketing system. Our client networks are monitored 24×7. We perform reviews of servers regularly to check that they have the latest service packs, virus definitions and security patches. Desktop PC’s are updated monthly to maintain the highest level of security available. These activities provide:

  • Increased service quality and reliability of IT infrastructure
  • Prevention of errors through proactive maintenance
  • The ability to address issues before you become aware of them
  • Boosted productivity with more efficient technology
  • Lowered maintenance costs

Monitoring your IT systems helps keep your business on track.

Our experienced Humble Monkey team knows how vital it is for your organization that we deliver proactive network monitoring solutions and help avoid or minimize any infuriating downtime scenarios.

We’ll partner with you to provide active network and server monitoring services that help keep your IT functions running at peak performance levels. We’ll work 24/7 through an automated support ticketing system to ensure reliability, adding monthly user device and quarterly server reviews focusing on fully-updating service packs, virus definitions and security patches.

We’ll liaise with you to monitor your systems and deal with IT issues before you even know they exist, deliver increased service reliability, and provide proactive maintenance services.

Through all these actions, we aim to boost your productivity and lower your maintenance costs. To find out how we can work with you to achieve this, call our team right now at (212) 830-6900 or email and we’ll get back to you quickly.