About Us

Leading the way to success

At the core of every business are the people who make things happen. It’s the CFO, the salespeople, the traders,  the admins who show up with a specific purpose and goal of making their day and your business successful. Humble Monkey is the team working behind the scenes as a partner to enable that effort.

In a world of commoditized services and offerings, a team that can hit the ground running in a focused and specific manner carries a huge value. It’s not always about the inexpensive cloud solution or latest buzzword after all – it’s the combination of tools and technology that comprise a solution. If they are not relevant to the business and it’s tempo – what’s the purpose ?

We focus on making sure that technology isn’t an impediment to your success. We focus on the solutions but it’s also important that there is a high measure of familiarity and above all a quality of service to insure those solutions are successful. That’s what makes us  who we are, and we are proud to share that with you.

Meet Humble Monkey

For almost 20 years, Humble Monkey has served businesses with a different brand of IT consulting services. We have served a wide variety of clients, all sizes, from all industries. With the know-how to bring your company to the next level, we deliver true expertise in system and infrastructure design, corporate policy, security, and disaster recovery.

What’s special about Humble Monkey is our goal to provide the best service to our clients on a consistent basis. We believe in bringing you a level of commitment and engagement that you will not find from our competitors because it’s a matter of personal pride for each member of our team.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone – that never works. Focus and a high degree of service make Humble Monkey the firm to work with for the long term. We don’t see our clients as a revenue stream – we see them as a relationship for the long term based on the commitment and service we bring to the table.

Our history

Founded by Gordon Gabbay in 1996, our focus has always been to keep our clients successful. Since our start our business has constantly evolved to meet our clients challenges in an ever changing world.

In 2002, Storage Monkey brought disaster recovery and virtual business continuity services (BCS) to our clients. When our clients needed it the most, Storage Monkey was created to provide full businesses systems functionality without the need for dedicated facilities and “seats”. It is the model today for most disaster recovery solutions.

2015 has presented another set of changes – incorporating cyber security and best practices in our own processes as well as those of our clients. We believe that technology is supposed to be an enabling tool – not so locked down it is frustrating for an end user. At the same time, we are there to keep our clients in balance with downside risk always in balance.

Humble Monkey leads the way in high-quality IT support for small and medium-sized businesses in New York City and the surrounding area. Our clients matter and we don’t mind going that extra mile.

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